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Jade Kennedy

Jade Kennedy is a Yuin man from the Illawarra and South Coast of NSW. He has been privileged with the intimate Knowledges of his peoples customs, culture and Country, and for the past 18 years, Jade has worked within various roles, both professional and academic, at the University of Wollongong. Through his experiences and learnings, Jade has worked consistently to bring together these two worlds by focusing on building knowledge-based relationships between Aboriginal Knowledges and perspectives and tertiary education curriculum.

Over his time employed at UOW, Jade has led numerous projects that have been aimed at creating space for local Aboriginal people, their Knowledges and perspectives, such as:

  • the Aboriginal Employment Development Program,
  • The Koori-Murri Cross-Cultural Exchange,
  • The UOW Faculty of Commerce Indigenous Strategy,
  • The Koori Kids Fun day initiative,
  • The Yuin Community Cultural Camps,
  • The Digital Acknowledgement of Dharawal Country,
  • The Koori STEM Camp, and
  • The K-STEM engagement days

Jade is currently an Academic Developer and lecturer in Indigenous Knowledges who is leading and facilitating the internationally acclaimed Educational Development Grants Program Jindaola.  Through this work interdisciplinary teams of UOW staff are walked through an 18 month de-colonial Journey moving them towards an emerging conceptual theory of ‘curriculum reconciliation’. Jindaola is moving into its fourth cohort and continues to engage a flourishing community of staff, Aboriginal Elders and community members.

Jade is also highly involved in the cultural protection, heritage preservation and Aboriginal advancement of the Illawarra and South Coast region. He currently holds the following community roles:

  • Chairperson of the Illawarra Local Aboriginal Lands Council
  • Director of Warra Binge Nunda Gurri
  • Spokesperson for the Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy (SPATE)
  • Custodian Illawarra Region.