Base Cultural Awareness

UOW Cultural Awareness Programs

The University of Wollongong offers a host of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness and cultural immersion training programs scattered through its University offerings, along with many subjects that include Indigenous knowledges, perspectives and content. 

The Indigenous Strategy Unit (ISU) has been tasked with and is working towards a streamlined approach to the access and delivery of training packages. Currently, the ISU provides access to and updates various resources that can support your cultural awareness journey to explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. These resources are to support education and exposure for individuals and teams at various levels of cultural, historical and contemporary understanding and knowledge.

Tier one

Share our Pride's history, policy and cultural training is foundational and separated into chapters within Reconciliation Australia’s offering. You can complete this quiz in its entirety or simply complete one chapter at a time and align with your engagement in the Base Cultural Awareness Quiz - this is available for staff on Unified and for students through the UOW Moodle site. The five chapters and quiz modules are composed together and have questions in relation to UOW specific resources and support material found under the UOW Reconciliation Action Plan resources page.

Cultural Immersion Program

Jindaola is UOW’s very own transformational cultural immersion program. It targets academic and professional cohorts of staff to engage them in a transformation journey.   Jindaola is facilitated by a local Traditional Knowledge Holder and established in consultation with local Aboriginal community. It engages participants in an Aboriginal way towards Curriculum and workplace activity. Curriculum Reconciliation in a professional learning context describes a process of taking participants on a journey on Country to decolonise thinking and begin to engage in the negotiation of authentic knowledge-based relationships between Aboriginal Knowledge’s and the relevant disciplinary knowledge’s.

Academic Offerings

UOW have an extensive number of courses and subjects embedded throughout its degrees within all faculties. Many of which have been recognised as best practice in their respective fields and are designed to lead to a deep cultural awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Such subjects and courses, offered in all faculties, have strong cultural underpinnings and prepare students for disciplines in which graduates will be working with Aboriginal peoples. UOW’s Jindaola subjects also provide another layer of cultural awareness, with embedded Aboriginal knowledge’s and perspectives that are available for students to enrol in throughout their academic journeys.