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Learning & Teaching Update

The Health & Wellbeing Precinct will revolutionise the integration of research, clinical practice and patient-led care and deliver sustained benefit to teaching and learning across UOW.  The platform created by the Precinct will enable colleagues across disciplines to work together to develop services and facilities that will enhance existing programs of study, as well as support Faculty growth through the introduction of new courses. Early in 2019 UOW commissioned independent market research to determine the student demand for health-inspired courses at UOW through to 2030. We are currently analysing the outcomes from that research in consultation with Faculties to plan an exciting new portfolio of courses to complement the Health & Wellbeing Precinct. Although the Precinct is still a few years from completion, the time required to amend existing programs and develop new courses is significant. 

Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of the Health & Wellbeing Precinct. UOW colleagues will work together across disciplines and professions to extend our students’ scope of practice upon graduation to create a new paradigm of quality healthcare delivery. This aligns well with UOW’s aspiration to produce the “T” shaped graduate: a graduate with deep disciplinary skills (the vertical bar) and wide ranging skills in problem solving, critical thinking, communication and cultural competency (the horizontal bar).

The Precinct also offers significant potential to meet the needs of our alumni and other graduate professionals and a cross-faculty initiative to create models for micro-credentialing is currently being developed with new health-inspired microcredentialled courses scheduled to launch from 2020. This, along with the market opportunities for new undergraduate and postgraduate programs, indicates a busy time ahead preparing a suite of offerings for future students.

For more information on the learning & teaching, research and clinical developments at the Precinct, please contact:

Professor Mitchell Byrne, Associate Dean (intoHealth).
Email: health-wellbeing@uow.edu.au