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What the Precinct will do

What the Health and Wellbeing Precinct will do

  1. Bring all health and wellbeing services together in the one location to provide patient-centred care with a teaching and research focus, which will see research translated into practice to improve patient experience and outcomes.
  2. Meet the current and future health needs of the local population by providing clinical services that value-add to the current health infrastructure in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven
  3. Offer non-surgical care focused on preventative health issues
  4. Provide cost-effective healthcare and a model to be replicated across other regions in Australia
  5. Create a closer relationship between the patient and carer, where students and supervisors can devote more time to developing more innovative methods of care
  6. Take some of the pressure off existing services
  7. Train future generations of healthcare practitioners who will deliver patient-centred models for care within an interdisciplinary model
  8. Increase future translational research capability
  9. The aged care and senior living village will improve the quality of lives for residents as they transition through various levels of care
  10. Economic modelling indicates that the initial phase of the project will add $600 million in total value to the Illawarra (in direct, indirect and induced impacts) and create more than 2,000 jobs during development and operation. It will also generate more than $7 million in annual economic benefits to the public through the provision of aged care and healthcare services.
  11. Generate local employment opportunities in aged care, healthcare, research, retail and hospitality sectors.