Goal 1: Education Strategy

2020–2025 Education Strategy

Empowering students for their future

Our 2020-2025 Education Strategy aims to activate the five objectives outlined in Goal 1 of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan and highlights the key focus areas for the period to 2025. These objectives reflect our ongoing commitment to graduate success, to digitalise our education provision, expand work-integrated learning and develop new offerings to support lifelong learning, to grow student mobility and transnational learning opportunities, to build a transdisciplinary course portfolio in order to develop T-shaped graduates, and to harness data and learning analytics ethically to deliver personalised support and an exceptional experience for our students.

UOW Enabling Framework for Student Equity 2021-2024 - PDF

1.1 Future proofing graduates

We will continue to transform our course portfolio to ensure future graduate success. We will deepen and broaden work-integrated learning, digital learning, and entrepreneurship opportunities for our students. We will produce transdisciplinary graduates able to succeed in a future of work characterised by portfolio careers. We will continually innovate our portfolio of offerings, and introduce microcredentials to support lifelong learning.


1.1 Strategic Objectives 

Widen and deepen use of digital platforms and resources in on-campus teaching, including a program to rollout blended learning across UOW.

This will be measured by:

  • Percentage of subjects incorporating blended learning
  • Student survey feedback on usage and quality of blended learning

Widen and deepen work-integrated learning (WIL) across all UOW courses through development and implementation of a WIL rollout plan.

This will be measured by:

  • Percentage of subjects with WIL component
  • Positive employer ratings of UOW graduate employability
  • Positive Graduate Outcomes Survey

Deliver an integrated portfolio of educational opportunities that enable lifelong learning.

This will be measured by:

  • Number of microcredentials offered
  • Number of new student enrolments in UOW lifelong learning activities
  • Number of returning UOW student enrolments in UOW lifelong learning activities

1.2 Students as trusted partners

We will engage students as trusted partners with a shared responsibility for their educational journey. We will empower our diverse student body to co-design their educational experience, enhancing their voice in decision-making bodies and the services and programs offered to support their success.


1.2 Strategic Objectives 

Empower our diverse student body through students-staff partnerships to co-design their educational experience, and develop tailored strategies that enhance student success.

This will be measured by:

  • Students-staff partnership model established, tested and associated policies developed.
  • Outcomes arising from a UOW students-staff partnership Innovation Hub
  • Outcomes arising from students-staff partnerships for curriculum enhancement

Enhance student career preparedness and employability by operationalising T-shaped graduate theory through the UOW Compass Personal Awareness Framework in ways that encompass existing strategies (such as UOWx, the Career Development Learning Framework).

This will be measured by:

  • Student self-assessment of preparedness for employment
  • Employer ratings of UOW graduate employability
  • Graduate Outcomes Survey

Enhance student mental health and wellbeing through the implementation of the Compass Personal Awareness Framework and the UOW Student Mental Health Model.

This will be measured by:

  • International Student Barometer survey
  • Student Experience Survey
  • Student development through Compass self-assessment

1.3 Global curriculum innovation

We will develop our students as global citizens through enhanced opportunities for international student mobility and digitally enabled cross-campus learning collaboration, recognising our truly unique global campuses and presence. We will mainstream a global mindset across our portfolio of courses and develop a framework for international work-integrated learning.


1.3 Strategic Objectives 

Enhance UOW’s International presence and create opportunities for student mobility and collaboration across the UOW network and with high quality global partners.

This will be measured by:

  • Delivery of global programs across UOW locations
  • Delivery of integrated subjects across UOW locations, facilitated by digital collaboration
  • Increase in student exchange agreements with highly ranked universities
  • Articulation agreements established for UOW programs at all offshore locations
  • Increase in external funding for student mobility

Increase the number, diversity and satisfaction of international students studying UOW programs.

This will be measured by:

  • Increased course offerings from a cross-section of disciplines at offshore locations
  • Positive growth outcomes as reflected in student enrolments
  • Positive student experience as reflected in the International Student Barometer survey
  • Professional accreditation of programs at global campuses
  • Global positioning of tuition fees and scholarships

Grow our global profile with high quality global partnerships.

This will be measured by:

  • Development of UOW’s global positioning strategy
  • Increase in collaboration agreements with highly ranked universities and organisations
  • Increase in student ambassadors representing UOW across the globe
  • Increase in WIL opportunities at all global campuses via strategic industry partnerships
  • UOW’s position in global rankings

1.4 Committed to personalised learning support 

We will leverage sophisticated learning analytics and artificial intelligence to provide sector-leading personalised support for our students. We will develop a single view of student data, which will be used in an ethical and transparent manner to support success and empower students on their learning journey.


1.4 Strategic Objectives 

Further integrate learning analytics into teaching practices in ways that enhance learning experiences, teaching delivery and active engagement with students.

This will be measured by:

  • Percentage of subjects using learning analytics
  • Staff survey feedback on usage and quality of learning analytic tools
  • Subject evaluation data

Through students-staff partnerships, widen and deepen student use of learning analytics in ways that empower and enable students to achieve their learning goals.

This will be measured by:

  • Percentage of students using learning analytics and associated resources
  • Student survey feedback on usage and quality of learning analytic tools

Develop transparent, ethical and agile governance on student data use in order to build stakeholder trust, protect privacy, and improve the student learning experience.

This will be measured by:

  • Percentage increase in targeted interventions
  • Percentage increase in successful student outcomes
  • Student survey feedback on data usage

1.5 Delivering excellence

We will promote and reward teaching excellence. We will support ongoing staff development through proactive communities of practice and enhance career progression opportunities for teaching excellence academics.


1.5 Strategic Objectives 

Develop and enhance state of the art staff development programs to build staff capability and impact, especially for online and blended learning pedagogy.

This will be measured by:

  • Increase in student satisfaction, success and outcomes
  • Increase in staff engagement and participation in development programs

Establish sector-wide mechanisms for benchmarking and sharing best practice in learning and teaching across all campuses and Transnational Education (TNE) partnerships.

This will be measured by:

  • Implementation of an annual action plan with participation from all faculties and schools

Enhance teaching excellence evidence-based performance metrics for inclusion in staff promotion cases.

This will be measured by:

  • Establishment of robust teaching performance metrics
  • Increase in successful staff promotions with learning and teaching as the primary focus