Welcome Here Project

The Welcome Here Project was previously known as The Safe Place Project. It started in 1998 in response to high levels of street based violence directed at Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ+) people. Local businesses signed up to become a "Safe Pace" by putting a sticker in their shop front to let LGBTIQ community members know they could seek refuge if they were under the threat of violence. Nominate a Welcoming Place.

Welcome Here places at UOW

Wollongong 11 Ground Floor Gypsy Jones Cafe
Wollongong 36 Level 4 Human Resources Division
Wollongong 39B Level 1 Advancement Division
Wollongong 21 Discovery Space Early Start

ACON also has a Welcome here Map

Previously registered Safe Places at UOW

Bega 176 Auckland St   Bega Campus
Weerona College Throsby Drive, Gwynneville   Weerona College
Shoalhaven Campus Ray Cleary Building UG12 Shoalhaven Campus
Wollongong 15 241 School of Biological Sciences
Wollongong 4 105 School of Information Sciences
Wollongong 23 133 School of Law
Wollongong 19 G39 Allsorts Queer Collective
Wollongong 11 Ground Floor  
Wollongong 40 G06 School of Accounting, Economics & Finance
Wollongong 4 170 School of Engineering
Wollongong 40 133 School of Management
Wollongong 15 232 School of Nursing & Midwifery
Wollongong 67 217 School of The Arts, English & Media
Wollongong 19 1025 Transition and Support
Wollongong 36 2 Complaints Management Centre
Wollongong 40 341 School of Accounting, Economics & Finance
Wollongong 11 Lvl 3 Counselling & Disability Services
Wollongong 36 Lvl 4 Human Resources Division
Wollongong 39B Lvl 1 International Services & Development
Wollongong 16   Library
Wollongong 39B Lvl 1 Planning, Marketing & Communications
Wollongong 17 Lvl 1 Student Central
Wollongong 17 Lvl 1 Student Experience Team