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About EO Online


The first version of EO Online was developed by a consortium of NSW Universities in 2002: University of Wollongong (project leader), Charles Sturt University, University of Newcastle and University of Technology, Sydney, with sponsorship by the NSW Office of the Director of Employment Equity and Diversity. At first it covered NSW and national laws only. As interstate Universities purchased the program, EO Online was upgraded and expanded to also cover Queensland, ACT, Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia.

Version 2 of EO Online was developed in 2012-13. This new version includes:

  • an updated design
  • much improved navigation
  • a user registration process
  • a user tracking system
  • updated case law and legislation and revised text including additional quizzes and new material on the internet, Facebook and email harassment
  • the addition of videos
  • sound clips to enhance the written learning summaries at the end of each section
  • a system for nominated users from each University to download completion data and feedback for their staff in a spreadsheet (CSV) format

Vision Australia reviewed the accessibility of the program at key milestones and their feedback was implemented.

EO Online is now in use in the majority of Australian Universities.

EO Online is administered by the Employment Equity and Diversity Unit of the University of Wollongong. It is maintained on a server at UOW by the Centre for Academic Systems and Resources who are responsible for the ongoing web design, maintenance and programming of EO Online. The text author is Ruth Jost.

EO Online is updated as needed. Upgrade items are advised upon by the EO Online Users? Group at its meetings every two years, and are funded by the annual maintenance fee.

In producing EO Online, the consortium applied the following guiding principles, which continue to inform the ongoing development of the program:

  • It should have specific relevance to higher education
  • The product should ?make a difference?
  • It should be affordable and not require purchase of any additional software
  • Educational design should be based on adult learning principles and self-assessment
  • It should be interactive and engaging as well as informative
  • To keep development and maintenance costs down, there will be one single version of EO Online, shared by all Universities, rather than different versions for different institutions
  • It should be simple to use and, as far as possible, accessible to people with disability
  • It should be kept current
  • It should be usable both as a learning tool and as a reference source when needed.

Program Objectives

Your University is committed to creating a positive and inclusive environment in which all students and staff are treated fairly and equitably. Everyone has the right to study and work in an environment free of harassment and discrimination.

This program aims to assist with this goal by providing:

  • self paced, equal opportunity training for a broad range of university staff
  • theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of how to apply equal opportunity principles in work and study environments
  • real life case studies, examples and interactive learning techniques for self assessment.
Participant Learning Objectives

By working through the EO Online modules, you will:

  • learn how to deal with and prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace
  • understand your legal rights and responsibilities to achieve a discrimination and harassment free campus
  • increase their awareness of equity policies, issues and strategies in your university
  • have a reference for dealing with grievances and complaints.

Technical specifications

EO Online is held on a server at the University of Wollongong and is accessed using your browser like any other website. All you need is a relatively recent JavaScript-capable browser. EO Online version 2 has been developed in consultation with Vision Australia and every attempt has been made to ensure that EO Online complies with W3C accessibility standards for people with disability.

overview and features

Module 1 is for all staff ? academic and general staff, supervisors and managers. It covers:

  • Equal employment opportunity rights and responsibilities
  • Federal and state anti-discrimination laws
  • Grounds of discrimination and harassment
  • Direct and indirect discrimination
  • Sexual harassment, workplace harassment, inappropriate relationships and bullying
  • Making complaints of discrimination and harassment

Module 2 is specifically for managers and supervisors. It covers:

  • Equal employment opportunity responsibilities of managers and supervisors
  • Strategies for implementing EEO at work
  • Liability for discrimination and harassment including taking reasonable steps to prevent it occurring
  • Reasonable adjustment for people with disability
  • Reasonable adjustment for people with carers? responsibilities
  • Principles for managing complaints of discrimination and harassment

Each section ends with a quiz and a Learning Summary.

On their first visit, users must register to use EO Online.

When working through EO Online for the first time, a tracking system provides access to the next topic only when the previous topic is completed. After the module has been completed, on subsequent visits all topics are accessible to allow ?dipping in and out? as desired.

All completions are recorded in the Administration database.

Implementation at UOW

  • All staff are required to complete Module 1 as a requirement for probation
  • All managers are required to complete Module 2