Our commitment to the region

UOW and the Great South West

A region taking off

The Great South West is one of the largest and fastest growing urban areas in Australia, with Liverpool receiving more investment and infrastructure than any other city in Australia. Rapid population and economic growth is expected in the area, which will see more than 1 million residents in the Great South West by 2031.

Local graduates need to be ready to embrace the opportunities that will come with the rapid growth of the region and UOW is well placed to help them achieve this.

A commitment to the region

We are proud to be partnering with Liverpool City Council and local industry to support innovation in the region, and continue to forge strong networks with the Great South West through Liverpool Hospital, the Ingham Institute and multinational manufacturing company Daikin.

A commitment to health

The Western Sydney Nursing Education and Research Centre (WeSNER) is important in meeting the increasing demand for nurses due to population growth, an ageing population and an increasing incidence of chronic diseases. A focus on nursing is also consistent with school leaver preferences for students in South Western Sydney, with nursing ranking in the top three.

The proximity of WeSNER to Liverpool Hospital, the largest stand-alone hospital in Australia, and other quality healthcare facilities, provides an opportunity to contribute substantially to the growing Health and Education precinct within Liverpool.

WeSNER expected to open for the 2020 academic year (pending accreditation), and plans to accommodate around 700 students. The proposed WeSNER Health Clinic is also planned to provide professionally supervised health services to the general public, while educating students in healthcare practices.

Industry and innovation

Many UOW students undertake placements and internships at partner organisations in the Great South West region, including:

  • Around 330 Nursing students undertaking placements in local hospitals, mental health facilities and aged care facilities.
  • Around 30 medical students from UOW’s Graduate School of Medicine have undertaken placements at local hospitals, and a further 50 graduating doctors have taken up internships at hospitals in the region.
  • Around 15 exercise science and rehabilitation students are undertaking placements in local hospitals, rehabilitation centres and aged care facilities.
  • Around 40 dietetics students are undertaking placements in local hospitals, aged care facilities, non-governmental organisations and community health facilities.
  • Students from the School of Education are undertaking professional experience at around 20 partner schools, providing approximately 150 placements in the Great South West area.

UOW has signed a long-term agreement with Liverpool-based multinational manufacturing company Daikin Australia – one of the largest manufacturing enterprises in the region. This major partnership will include research opportunities, product development, internships for business, ICT and engineering students as well as other support to the university such as student prizes, guest lectures and staff placements.

The Western Air-Shed and Particulate Study for Sydney (WASPSS) is a major study led by UOW to help understand and manage air pollution in the region. This study brings together experts from UOW’s Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry (CAC) and UOW’s SMART Infrastructure Facility, as well as teams from the University of Melbourne and the University of Western Australia.

Research partnerships

Researchers at UOW are involved in a number of research projects in the Great South West looking at improving the way healthcare is delivered. This includes:

  • Conducting vital cancer and cardiovascular research in partnership with Liverpool Hospital, Ingham Institute, University of Sydney, Prince of Wales Hospital, cancer research groups in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven (including the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute and Wollongong Hospital) and ACT health districts.
  • A UOW-led research project working with Western Sydney Diabetes Prevention and Management Initiative and Diabetes NSW looking at the prevention of cardiovascular disease in people with Type 2 Diabetes.
  • MRI-Linac research at the Ingham Institute – looking at improving cancer treatment through real-time image guided adaptive radiotherapy.
  • Australia’s first Medicinal Cannabis trial – working with UNSW and seven other institutions and conducting trials at the Ingham institute and Liverpool Hospital
  • Improving Aged Care Nursing – partnering with five aged care providers who deliver services in the region to develop a framework for registered nurses working with older people and their families.