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UOWx at Bega

UOWx has opportunities for students to receive recognition for their co-curricular involvement at the Regional and Metro Campuses.

There are two ways students can get involved in co-curricular activities and be recognised on their UOWx Record. These include on-campus opportunities and community volunteering opportunities.

Students at Regional/Metro Campuses are required to complete 15 hours for an on-campus role to be eligible for recognition on their UOWx Record.

Visit  for more information about co-curricular activities for Bega students.


Do you have a question about co-curricular activities on your campus?

The UOWx Project Officers are on hand to connect you with co-curricular opportunities both on and off campus and to answer your questions on all things UOWx.

Contact: Samantha Stiff, UOWx Project Officer (Regional Campuses)
Email: sstiff@uow.edu.au

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