Moodle Student Dashboard

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The Moodle Student Dashboard is part of the scope of Learning Analytics at UOW. It marks the first step in a larger project to provide near-real-time learning analytics to students.

The dashboard collates information from across Moodle and visualises it against your peers. Your personalised dashboard allows an opportunity to identify relative strengths and weaknesses in in assessable items and utilisation of the Moodle site.
Viewable by you and your teaching staff for that subject, the dashboard can be used to ask for targeted help with a specific task where you may not have met your expectations.


The Moodle Student Dashboard is one of the tools implemented to meet the Universities goals, outlined in the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, particularly:

2.1 - Transform what we teach, how we teach and how we assess learning to maximise student success, positive personal and employment outcomes—promoting curiosity, agility and mutual respect.

2.3 - Enable every student to reach their potential by providing personalised support for transitioning into their studies, through university and into the external world.

The Student Dashboard aims to empower you through allowing greater insight into your studies by providing near-real-time feedback on your activity in Moodle. The Moodle Student Dashboard will continue development to address the ongoing needs of you, the student, in the modern learning environment.


The student dashboard will appear at the top of your Moodle sites as a collapsed heading.

MSD - Collapsed Context

The Student Dashboard displays a comparison of:

Assessment Marks

The assessment marks graph displays information that has been entered into the Moodle gradebook, including items which may not contribute to your final mark.

Displayed as a column graph where the range of marks for an assessment are broken down into 4 anonymous grade groups. Your mark is denoted in a group by a yellow circle atop the column. The assessment marks graph will only display once 7 submissions have been marked and released.

MSD - Assessment

Total interactions with site

The interaction graph displays session duration, number of logins and interactions gathered from the Moodle web logs.

Displayed as a line graph where your interactions with the Moodle site over time are compared to the class average.

The Student Dashboard will only display information once 7 students have interacted with the Moodle site.

MSD - Interaction


Once the Moodle Gradebook results are released the Assessment Marks graph will update.

The interactions graph updates on an hourly basis from the Moodle logs.


The Moodle Student Dashboard is an initiative of Learning Analytics and is part of the broader Learning Platform (Moodle, Turnitin, etc.) at UOW.

The Moodle Student Dashboard will be available for every subject Moodle site. Your teaching staff can hide the dashboard if they choose.

Send your feedback on the dashboard to the Learning Analytics team.

More information

Please contact: David Fulcher - Learning Analytics Specialist