Podcast: Can You Tell Me Why?

Podcast co-host Hannah Laxton-Koonce

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering why you can’t stick to exercise, or if you’ll ever buy a house, a new podcast developed by UOW, is helping shed light on some of these common musings.

Titled, Can You Tell Me Why? Surprising answers to difficult questions, the podcast has already had more than 6,800 listens from all over the world. It aims to highlight the value of a UOW education, its research and more broadly the role of higher education in society. It is an opportunity for listeners to engage with experts and listen to new ideas in an engaging and entertaining format, all the while highlighting how people at UOW are working towards solving complex and relevant real-world problems.

The eight-episode series, which launched in August, is hosted by recent UOW alumna Hannah Laxton-Koonce and veteran journalist William Verity. The project was led by Strategic Marketing and Communications Director Emily Osborne and produced by Media & Public Relations Coordinator Grant Reynolds.

For William, the podcast reinforced the importance of well-researched information from experts.

“In a world that's saturated with ill-informed opinion, how refreshing it is to hear the views of well-informed, passionate, independent thinkers talking about issues that confront us all. And what better way to present those ideas than with a podcast? Interesting, informed, intellectual, irreverent... what more could you ask?”

Hannah says her Journalism degree at UOW is what launched her into this line of work.

“As a journalism grad, UOW helped me find my love of audio and then gave me the chance to put my passion into action. Can You Tell Me Why? was such an incredible project to be a part of - every episode presented us with new and interesting dilemmas. I hope our listeners have as much fun tackling the questions as we did.”

Throughout the podcast, UOW experts answer questions on robots, life, death, dads, drugs, crime and more.

Episode 1 asks: Why can’t I keep my exercise routine? It examines how closely linked exercise is with the state of our mental health. Matthew Schweickle, PhD candidate at the Early Start Research Institute explores what motivates us to get moving, while Dr Christian Swann Associate Research Fellow formerly at Early Start Research Institute, looks at the psychological factors that influence our ability to stick with exercise long term.

For more insights to some of life’s intriguing questions, listen to all eight episodes via The Stand or download it via Apple iTunes.