Ms Sarah Vogel

Council Member

Ms Sarah Vogel was elected as the postgraduate student representative on Council for a term commencing on 28 September 2021 and concluding on 31 December 2022.

Sarah is Doctor of Philosophy candidate with the School of Physics. She has previously completed a Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics Advanced (Honours) in 2018. Her research is focussing on how brain cancer treatments can be improved through targeted nano-therapies and new radiation techniques.

Sarah has been a student at the University since 2015 and has been involved across a range of areas throughout her candidature. Notably, she has been an In2Uni mentor since 2017, and has been involved in a number of their university outreach programs that encourage local students to aspire towards tertiary education. Her passion for education also extends to teaching science to young high school students as part of the Learning Labs holiday programs.

Sarah has also been involved with the university student body, having served as the UOW Physics Society’s Vice President and President for a number of years. She believes that engaging with students early in their degree ensures that they feel welcome and supported and ultimately improves their performance.

Sarah served as the postgraduate representative on the University Academic Senate and the Student Advisory Council in 2021. She is an advocate for consultation between the university and students, and encouraged the creation of regular meetings between the Graduate Research School and postgraduate students during the 2021 COVID-19 lockdowns.

Outside of University, Sarah enjoys baking, especially sourdough bread. After her PhD, she intends to remain in the University sector and continue her research.

University Council Member