Community Reference Group

Terms of Reference and Membership Provisions

Terms of Reference

The Community Reference Group is a formally constituted reference group which is advisory to the University and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

The Community Reference Group shall:

  1. Advise on key issues raised in the development and implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan.
  2. Facilitate effective community engagement links between the community and the University


The Community Reference Group shall consist of:

  • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) as Chair
  • Director, Advancement Division as Deputy Chair
  • Community Engagement Manager, Advancement Division
  • A core group of up to 15 community representatives

Wherever possible, a diversity of genders should be represented on the Committee.

Wherever possible, membership of the committee will include Indigenous representation.

Unless otherwise provided, the term of office of all elected members shall be two years. Appointments are subject to continuation at the invitation of the Chair.

On occasion the CRG may invite consultation from community representatives where it feels that they offer a particular area of expertise. These consultations may include involvement in working groups or other similar organised structures or as expert panel members for particular discussions. The CRG may also invite community members to contribute in an adjunct capacity for a specified period of time.

Each member’s role on the CRG may extend to being involved in a working party or forum. These will be formed when needs arise to investigate an issue or topic in-detail and may require an additional face-to-face meeting or online mechanism.

Reference Group members wanting to take leave of absence during their term should seek the approval of the Committee. Any short term membership replacements will be a matter for the Chair and the Committee to determine.

Where a member is unavailable that member may nominate a representative to attend on their behalf; the member should inform the CRG Executive Officer of nominated replacement.


The quorum for a meeting shall be 50% of the membership, plus one.


The Reference Group will meet four times per year. Meetings are scheduled for a duration of approximately 1.5 hours. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair.


Support for the Reference Group is provided by the Advancement Division. Comments and questions about the Committee may be directed to