Community Investment Steering Group


The Community Investment Steering Group (CISG) is an advisory group to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and shall:

  • Develop guidelines and criteria to allow appropriate assessment of the University of Wollongong’s key community investments and collaborations;
  • Ensure guidelines and criteria are applied consistently to potential and current investments and collaborations;
  • Ensure that community investments and collaborations are supported by formal agreements as appropriate;
  • Make recommendations to the CAO in relation to funding for the University of Wollongong’s investments in community and sponsorships;
  • Decide upon reporting mechanisms and communication channels which will promote UOW’s commitment to community investments and collaborations; and
  • Engender a “whole of institution” approach and framework to community investments and collaborations.


Membership of the CISG shall consist of:

  • Chief Administrative Officer (Chair) (ex officio);
  • Director, Advancement Division (ex officio);
  • Director, Financial Operations (ex officio);
  • Director of Regional Campuses and Diversity (ex officio);
  • Two Associate Deans Education, Research or International as appointed by the Chair; and
  • Community Engagement Manager, Advancement Division (ex officio).

Wherever possible, a diversity of genders should be represented on the Committee.

Wherever possible, membership of the committee will include Indigenous representation.

Membership scope

Each member’s role on the CISG includes attending regular meetings. Additional working parties or groups may be formed when the need arises to investigate an issue or topic in-detail. Additional face-to-face meetings or online engagement may be required from time to time.

Appointments are for a two year period and will be appointed by the Chair.


CISG will meet quarterly for duration of approximately two hours. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the Chair. Committee Members are required to be prepared for each meeting, having read the documentation in advance, and to make reasonable effort to attend each meeting.

Working principles

The members of the CISG will work under the principles of confidentiality and will work towards supporting the strategic goals of the University of Wollongong.

Governance processes

Agendas and associated documentation will be distributed five working days prior to the meeting, via email.

Except with the express permission of the Chair, late agenda items will not be accepted. All agenda items must be submitted to the Executive Officer no later than ten working days prior to the forthcoming meeting.

Minutes for each Committee meeting will be prepared. The draft minutes and action sheet of each meeting will be reviewed by the Chair and circulated to all Committee Members, by the Executive Officer as soon as practicable. A copy of the minutes, once they have been reviewed by the Chair, will be included in the agenda papers for the next Committee meeting.

Support for the Committee will come from the Advancement Division and Executive Officer services will be provided by the Community Engagement Coordinator (CEC).

Comments and questions about the CISG may be directed to


A quorum for the committee meeting is defined as five Committee Members. Where attention is drawn to a loss of quorum, the meeting may be adjourned until such time as the Chair may determine.

Visit Community Investment Policy for the full policy document in PDF.