Academic Senate elections candidates

Meet the students who have nominated to fill the Undergraduate Student Representative position on the Academic Senate from 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2024.

When and how to vote

From Tuesday 04/10/2022 9 am to Tuesday 18/10/2022 5 pm, students whose name appears on the Roll of Undergraduate Students can vote via SOLS.

Note to readers

  • Statements are shown verbatim as provided by the candidates, with no modifications or changes.
  • The candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order.

Posiition nominated: Undergraduate Student Member

Candidate statement:

My name is Abbey Dawson and I am a Politics, Philosophy and Economics student with a strong passion for student:

  1. Integrity
  2. Sustainability
  3. Responsibility

Being your voice means representing diversity and inclusion of all peoples. Coming from far South Coast, and having moved to Wollongong for University I know how difficult it can be living through the challenges that we all face in day-to-day life. As University Students it is important that the place we all call home to study, helps and supports us throughout these challenges. It is important that the University develops further a student focus where resources are adequately used to support each and every student through their higher education study.

The environment is a huge passion of mine, as said having come from the far South Coast, I have experienced first hand the impacts of climate change during the Black Summer Bushfires. It is due to this experience as well as my greater knowledge in this area, I endeavour to find the best possible sustainable options to living on campus, as myself a former resident of Kooloobong Village can attest to sustainable practices are not as widely accessible as some of you may want. That is why if elected I will advocate for greater implementation and accessibility to sustainable practice for on campus living, as well as more generally across everyday campus life.

 Senate UG Student Member candidate 2022

Position nominated: Undergraduate Student Member

Candidate statement:

Dear voter, my name is Phoebe, I’m a second year undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation, majoring in philosophy. If you asked anyone who knows me what my passion is, they would answer studying and teaching. I’m passionate about my own education and the education of others, currently tutoring both high school and some university students. My hope is to one day have a PhD in Philosophy and continue learning and teaching for as long as I can.

The reason I’m running for the two year term, undergraduate position on the Academic Senate is because I’m passionate about ensuring our quality of education is the best that it can be. With a focus on ethics in my studies, I will aim to act with fairness, honesty and integrity and represent the needs of all students with this position. As an independent candidate, I will not be swayed by political orientations and will advocate for policies which will actually aid students be the best that they can be. Such as getting more online resources to match the physical copies of books at the library. The worst thing is to see there’s one physical copy of a book at the UOW library and seeing it’s on loan for the next year.

In my spare time I love running, rock climbing, shedding tears when trying to understand Kant, and watching Cocomelon with my 2 year old nephew. If elected, I promise not to let the next rendition of ‘baby shark’ distract me from my responsibilities as a member of the Academic Senate.

Senate UG Student member candidate 2022

Position nominated: Undergraduate Student Member


My name is Conor Evans Gildea, and I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance (Honours) (Dean's Scholar). Whilst I've only been at UOW for a year, I have been able to experience the full UOW student life, and I believe that through being the Undergraduate University Council Representative, I can help enrich the wonderful culture for the years to come. Since my degree constitutes of a variety of courses between three different disciplines, mathematics, business and computer science, I believe I would provide a unique perspective to the council.

Whilst I haven't had the opportunity to join a committee at Smith's Hill High School, I had the chance to contribute to a variety of committees such as; the Yearbook and Graduation Committee, the SHSS Newsletter Committee, and the 2021 Pink Day Committee. Through the yearbook and graduation committee, I was able to collaborate with other students and staff on a weekly basis to build the yearbook and communicate vital information throughout COVID lockdown regarding our year's graduation to the cohort to ensure everyone understood the event plans. Similarly in the Newsletter Committee, we had weekly meetings such that members could organise and allocate stories to write for the weekly newsletter. As part of the Pink Day Committee, I was able to contribute to the organisation of the day which is Smith's Hill's yearly breast cancer fundraiser. My time on the Pink Day Committee was especially valuable since I was able to help raise funds for an extremely important cause. Outside of University, I try to maintain community involvement by being an active platelets donor and St. John's Ambulance volunteer.

Ultimately, I believe I can become a valuable member of the council and through my teamwork and communication skills can contribute greatly towards improving UOW throughout my term.


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Position nominated: Undergraduate Student Member

Candidate statement: 


I’m Oliver, and I currently attend the University of Wollongong, studying a Bachelor of Laws/Economics and Finance. As part of this, I have made Quarter Finalist in the Allens Client Negotiation and Interviewing competitions.  I commenced this year, after graduating from Vincentia High School in 2021.

Although committed to my studies, I am just as committed to serving the community. I have been a keen participant in the Australian Scout Movement since 2015, which includes the mentoring of younger people as Venturer Unit Chair. This also includes providing support to the community, which includes the creation of support packages for women’s shelters and donation drives for those impacted by the 2019/20 Black Summer Bushfires.

I have been a consistent speaker at veterans events (ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, Vietnam Veterans Day)over the years at Coastal Waters Retirement Village and Huskisson RSL Sub-branch. Currently, I am the Junior Financial Observer on the Sanctuary Point Bendigo Community Bank Board and have been involved in the allocation of investment into various community programs and projects.

Senate Undergradudate Student Member candidate 2022

Position nominated: Undergraduate Student Member

Candidate statement:

I’m Josh, I’m a third year student studying a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation majoring in politics. After spending so much time at the University, living on campus, volunteering and being part of so many of the organs of the University I have decided to take a step further and become a part of its operation.

After the difficulties that students have faced as a result of COVID, and some of the University’s decisions around COVID, students need someone in the running of the University who understands them.

Also ensuring that the University is a warm and comforting area for every student regardless of background, socio-economic status, political alignment, gender or sexual orentation. Ensuring that all students feel welcome and achieve personal success at the University, but also do not feel held back by who they are.

The University is a business, and has reminded students of this when making financial decisions. However, I want to represent the students who are sceptical of these claims and ensure that the money is being spent well and for students. This position is not to represent University stakeholders, but to represent the students themselves. My decision making in the Senate will not follow any groups, individuals or politics beyond us students. The most vital advice I will listen to will be yours, so you can tell me how you want your education to be guided and so that you have a real say.

I know that many students have felt left out of the decision making of the University and have felt that they are merely spectators in those who guide and control their education. I promise to put every student’s hands on the wheels of the University and that we are in control of our education.


Senate Undergraduate Student Member candidate 2022

Position nominated: Undergraduate Student Member

Candidate statement:

My name is Bayley, and I am a penultimate year student studying a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Economics & Finance.

Over my past five years of study, I have seen the importance of high academic standards and the difference this can make in a student's experience of university. I have also seen the importance of support services for both domestic and international students through volunteering as an International Peer Mentor this year.

I am passionate about using my experience to ensure UOW is a place where students can excel and achieve their goals with as little stress as possible. To do this, I have three main aims:

  1. Improving student feedback on assessments;
  2. Ensuring there is adequate support for both domestic and international students; and
  3. Increasing engagement and communication around careers/further study pathways from the beginning of students' degrees.

I believe these measures would enhance student experience, and would facilitate easier and more practical ways of learning and planning for the future.

I would advocate for these things as a member of the Academic Senate, and would be honoured to be elected to do so.

Senate Undergraduate Student Member candidate 2022

Position nominated:  Undergraduate Student Member

Candidate statement:

Dear members of the SAC,

I am Grishma Nirola a first year pre-med student.

With 4 years of experience in leading and representing my year in high school added to the two rep positions I hold this year, I would like to explore more of the academic sector of the university. This year my biggest achievement is helping organise a ball for my facilty and become more engaged with clubs such as the medical and health society. In highschool I was placed as a student leader, this allowed me to understand the academic side of my highschool, allowing me to create new projects which enhanced the student abilities. I was also a mentor for year 2 students who were academically gifted, which showed me the infortance of catering personal needs. Academically I am very interested in the actions the university takes while also wanting to help and enhance the student experiance academically.

Thank you

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