Why a Water Portfolio

Why a water portfolio? 

Fresh water is a precious natural resource that should not be wasted. Australia can suffer from long draught periods with negative environmental, economic and social impacts. For example, in 2005, water levels dropped in our dams to below 40% capacity and Level 3 water restrictions were in place. Therefore it is important that we value this resource and prevent wastage of high quality drinking water.

 UOW has set targets to reduce potable water consumption.  Refer to the UOW Environmental Management Plan

Prolonged dry climatic conditions have resulted in increased water consumption over recent years. The figure below shows Wollongong Campus water performance (consumption of potable water per Equivalent Full Time Student Load).

Wollongong Campus water consumption graph

Water management actions are required to reduce water consumption and achieve UOW water target 

Last reviewed: 17 September, 2018