Useful links

Useful Environmental and Sustainability Links

The links below have been provided to help you with your own green initiatives and provide information about environmental sustainability whether it is at home or at work or university.  This list is by no means exhaustive and should be viewed as a starting point on your journey to becoming more informed.  Please note we can take no responsibility for the content of websites that are external to our organisation. 



 Atlas of Living Australia - The Atlas of Living Australia is a collaborative, national project that aggregates biodiversity data from multiple sources and makes it freely available and usable online.

Birds in Backyards - Birds in Backyards website provides education and identification about the common birds found in your backyard and other urban areas.

Birds of the Illawarra Brochure - a brochure showing the local Illawarra birds

Butterflies of the Illawarra brochure - a brochure showing the local butterflies

Council Bushcare programs - Local councils have volunteer programs to undertake bush regeneration in local council reserves.  

Wollongong City Council Bushcare

Shoalhaven Council Bushcare

Shellharbour City Council Bushcare

Sutherland Shire Council Bushcare

Frogs of the Illawarra Brochure - download a brochure on the local native frogs

Illawarra Bushland Database - Online database providing plant species lists for remnant vegetation in the Illawarra area.

 Illawarra Biodiversity Strategy- Details about the Illawarra Biodiversity and Food Strategy program.

 Landcare Illawarra - Landcare Illawarra is a community-based organisation which helps the Illawarra community living in the 3 local council areas of Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama on the NSW South Coast to get involved in a broad range of environmental repair activities.  There is also a Youth program specifically targeting young people called Intrepid Landcare

 Illawarra Grow Local Native Guide - A guide to local native plants to grow in your garden



Home Design and Renovators Guide-information you need to design and build or renovate a more comfortable home that is less expensive to run while more environmentally friendly. Written by designers and builders, for designers and builders, it is the definitive tool for creating a home that is enjoyable to live in, cost effective and environmentally sensitive.

Renters guide to sustainability -  Guide for renters and home owners on how they can become more sustainable.

Department of Climate change and Energy Efficiency - An Australian Government website with information about Climate Change initiatives in Australia and actions you can take to reduce your carbon pollution.

Fridge Buyback Scheme - Fridge Buyback is an award-winning residential energy savings program that pays you to help save the environment and reduce your power bills by giving up your old second fridge. Conditions apply refer to the website for details.

Alternative Technology Association - supporting and providing advice on sustainable living.  There is a local branch in Wollongong.

Waste and Recycling

Recycling Near You - great resource to find where and how to recycle just about anything from batteries to carpet

Love Food Hate Waste - This is a NSW government initiative aimed at reducing food waste. There are plenty of tips and resources to help householders and business to reduce their food waste.

Compost and Worm farm information- Wollongong Council information on composting and worm farms.

Planet Ark-  Provides information on various environmental issues and campaigns.

 Wollongong City Council Op shop guide - a guide on the local op shops in the Wollongong area

Plastic free Wollongong - an initiative of the Boomerang Alliance to reduce single use plastics


Sydney Water-  provides advice on how you can save water at home or at work. 

Water Efficient Appliances -  Information on the WELS water efficient appliance labelling scheme

Water efficiency in the home and garden - advise on being water efficient at home and in the garden

Rainwater tank calculator - this calculator helps you to choose the best sized rainwater tank to suit your needs and requirements


Food Sustainability


Australian Sustainable seafood guide- guide to purchasing sustainable seafood

North Wollongong Community Garden - This is a Community Garden located at the Wollongong PCYC (off Ajax Ave, North Wollongong). Garden Gatherings are 1st Sunday of the month, Fruit & Veg Swaps occur on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Visit the website for more details 

Permablitz the Gong- Community volunteering program that assists people to create permaculture gardens in their backyards, like backyard blitz but with a permaculture focus.

Hidden Harvest - Community initiative to reduce food waste

Fair Food Forager - helping consumers to find ethical and sustainable food

Flametree  Community  Food  Co op- Local Food Cooperative

Food Fairness Illawarra - a community network promoting healthy food for all

Illawarra Grow Local Food  Guides - A guide to growing your own food

Low Cost and Free Meals directory - a directory to link people in need with good nutritious food 



General sustainability information

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage -  An A-Z of topics and initiatives in NSW.

TED Talks-  TED is a not for profit devoted to ideas worth spreading.  This link is to the "A Greener Future Theme" were you can view over 100 talks on this topic

Council  Sustainaibility websites. Many have sustainability specific webpages, newsletters that you can subscribe to promoting events and workshops happening in the local area.

Wollongong Council Sustainability website

Shellharbour Council Sustainability website

Sutherland Council Sustainability website


Last reviewed: 7 January, 2019