Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile Phone Recycling

UOW has launched a mobile phone recycling program with Mobile Muster.   Mobile Muster is a not for profit program funded voluntarily by the majority of the handset manufacturers and all network carriers.

Why should I recycle my mobile phone?

Did you know that over 90% of a mobile phone can be recovered and recycled such as plastics, gold, silver, copper and nickel?  Mobile phones aren’t biodegradable and contain small amounts of potentially hazardous substances.

There are over 24 million mobile phone subscribers in Australia. On average, Australians upgrade or exchange their mobile handsets every 18-24 months. It is estimated that there are nearly 16 million phones stored at home and work. 

What mobile phones can I recycle?

All mobile phone handsets, mobile batteries, phone chargers and accessories.

Before recycling your mobile phone it is important that you remove the sim card and delete personal information from your phone.  If you don't know how to remove data from your phone go to the handset manufacturer’s website or call its helpline for guidance on how to delete or save your data.

Where can I recycle my mobile phone at UOW?

Mobile phones should not be thrown away in the Recycling bins (yellow top wheelie bin) or Garbage bins (red top wheelie bin). Please place them in specially marked collections at: 

Wollongong Campus

  • Facilities Management Division, Building 31
  • IMTS Bld 39c


Innovation Campus

  •  IC Central Management Office

Accommodation Services

  • Campus East
  • Marketview
  • Keiraview
  • Weerona
  • Kooloobong

What happens to the mobile phones collected?

All Mobile phone components are dismantled and recycled.  None are refurbished or resold. 

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Last reviewed: 19 July, 2017