Buying Green

Buying Green

Make sure you watch this space for environmentally friendly stationary supplies and e-procurement news!

While we are building knowledge for this section, please keep in mind that in general - preference should be given to  products that are able to demonstrate lower environmental impact throughout their lifecycle. 

To address this issue, suppliers may wish to provide information on the following:

  1. extended product responsibility
  2. product packaging
  3. recyclability of product
  4. recycled content in product
  5. energy efficiency of production and use
  6. company environmental program
  7. sustainability of manufacturing processes and waste disposal
  8. transport requirements of product from manufacturing point to site

When you are choosing promotional material like lanyards, pencils or bags please use a supplier with 'eco - products' and please give us feedback. You may even find that your regular stationary supplier has a 'eco' or 'green' section with products you normally buy.

Recycling isn't just about putting things in the right's about buying things right to begin with so that we can recycle or re-use them later.

Help make this a campus-wide effort so that staff, students and the community get the message that UOW are turning over a new leaf and are not just recycling right...they are buying right.




Last reviewed: 6 April, 2009