About us

The Environment Unit has been established to make your sustainability efforts on campus easy.  As well as a cultural shift toward environmental sustainability, the environmental initiatives of the team involve sustained water, energy and emissions reduction and improved waste management.  The University of Wollongong’s commitment to environmental sustainability is outlined in its Strategic Plan, Environment Policy and Environmental Management Plan.

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News and initiatives

Keep up to date with environmental events, news and initiatives.

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Working towards being self -sufficient in energy and achieving carbon neutrality.   Learn about energy savings initiatives.

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Working towards being self- sufficient in water management.  Help ditch the drip and learn more about our water saving initiatives

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Working towards achieving zero waste to landfill.   Rethink Reduce Reuse Recycle and learn more about our waste and recycling initiatives.

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Campus environment

Learn about the biodiversity and campus landscape.

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Sustainable travel options to get you to campus.

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