Environmental documents

Environmental Documents

The various UOW environment policies, procedures, plans and reports are provided below.

Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy formalises the University’s commitment to supporting the principles of environmental sustainability and the need for all staff and students to share a role in achieving the Policy objectives. The policy is located within the UOW Policy Directory.  

Environmental Management Plan 

The UOW Environmental Management Plan 2017-2020 outlines the Universities environmental commitments and identifies goals, priorities and strategies to be implemented for the three year period of the plan.  A copy of the plan can be downloaded below:

Environmental Management System 

The University is committed to supporting the principles of environmental sustainability and applying such principles and practices in the University’s functions.

To facilitate the achievement of these objectives, the University will:

  • implement and maintain a structured Environmental Management System based on continual improvement and regular review to ensure that it remains relevant to the University’s operations;

  • comply with environmental regulations and set an example to the community and to other educational institutions in adopting and implementing principles of environmental protection and sustainability;

  • focus particularly on minimisation of energy and water consumption, waste management, including recycling, and endeavour to become a community leader in these areas;

  • foster environmental awareness within all academic and business units with a view to increasing environmental literacy of students and staff;

  • through effective communication with its community provide students and staff with mechanisms and opportunities to propose, discuss and participate in projects leading to improvements in environmental outcomes; and

  • through the integration of buildings with the natural environment, maintain the University’s reputation for providing an outstanding and harmonious campus which facilitates engagement of members of the campus community with the natural environment 

Environmental Management Manual

This manual provides the outline and structure of the Environmental Management System (EMS) for the University of Wollongong (UOW). The manual defines the roles and responsibilities of implementing the EMS and by doing so, minimises UOW’s potential impacts on the physical environment

Environmental Procedure & Reference Documents

The Environmental Aspects and Impacts Procedure is required as part of the Environmental Management System (EMS) and relates directly to the University’s Environmental Policy. The procedure defines steps involved in identifying, assessing and recording environmental aspects and impacts. The procedure is relevant to all staff and students at the Wollongong main campus. The procedure is a product of the EMS and contributes to the minimisation of environmental impacts by prioritising issues which then need to be considered for controls or programs.  The following Procedure and Reference documents are only available to UOW Staff.

Energy and Carbon Management Action Plan  

 A five year Energy and Carbon Management Action Plan has been developed to support the achievement of the energy and carbon management targets outlined in the UOW Environmental Management Plan.

National Greenhouse Energy Reporting (NGER)

 National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act, 2007 requires organisations to report energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions if they exceed certain thresholds.  

Water Savings Action Plan (WSAP)

 A five year Water Savings Action Plan has been developed to ensure the continued water saving initiatives. 

Waste Action Plan

A Waste Action Plan has been developed that identifies the focus for actions to be conducted.

Pesticide Notification Plan

The Draft Pesticide Notification Plan  is currently available for comment. 


envirolaw is a web-based information service that summarises UOW's environmental duties.  It lists sources of environmental due diligence requirements, including individual Australian Standards and EPA Publications.  All duties are given in sufficient detail that they can be used directly as audit criteria or for training or preparing work instructions. Envirolaw is indexed and can be used as a useful reference source for managers and environmental specialists. 

Campus Sustainability Map

The Wollongong Campus features many sustainable initiatives.  Download a copy of the campus sustainability map to find out more.

Last reviewed: 27 February, 2019