Get involved

Get involved

Every one of us has a role to play to saving energy whether it is at home, at work and here on campus.  Here are some tips to assist you to save energy on campus:

  1. Turn off lights and equipment when they are not required
  2. Switch off your computer monitor when it is not required
  3. When purchasing new equipment consider energy efficient options
  4. Promote energy saving with your friends, fellow students and work colleagues
  5. Contact the Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives Unit with any energy saving suggestions or queries

Earth Hour

Visit the earth hour page more information on earth hour

Shut down and switch off your desktop computer 

Visit the Switch off campaign page for more information on UOW's Shutdown and switch off campaign

Holiday switch off campaign

Visit the Holiday Switch off campaign page to learn more about what can be switched off over holiday breaks

Other information

Multi Language Energy savings guides (This link takes you to Environment NSW webpage.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the form to choose the language required and the brochure required)

NSW Environment & Heritage - Energy

Last reviewed: 24 January, 2017