Electronic Waste Cleanup

Disposal of electronic waste at UOW

For electronic waste for disposal from Wollongong and Shoalhaven Campuses, the next e-waste collection is planned to occur during April 2019.    

If you have electronic waste for disposal at Innovation Campus contact Resolve FM for more information.

If you are located at other campus locations, please contact the Environment Unit for advice on how best to dispose of your UOW electronic waste items.

What items are considered electronic waste?

The following is a list of the type of items that are considered electronic waste and are not to be disposed of via the normal waste collection processes (landfill).

  • Computers

  • Monitors

  • Printers

  • Scanners

  • Peripherals (keyboards, mice, cables) 

  • Laptop batteries 

  • Fax machines 

  • CDs and DVDs (non-confidential disposal only) 

  • Cables (power and other) 

  • Speakers

  • Mobile phones

  • Telephones

  • VCRs

  • Air conditioning units  (Note:  these can only be disposed of via e-waste if they have been degassed via an approved contractor.  Contact the Facilities Management Division Service Centre to arrange for this to be done prior to the ewaste collection)

Please do not use the e-waste collection to dispose of print cartridges.  UOW has a print and toner recycling collection boxes around the various campuses and you can recycle these all year round.  For more information on print cartridge recycling visit  Print Cartridge Recycling.

What is the process for electronic item disposal at UOW?

Staff are encouraged to identify UOW computers and related equipment no longer in use or working in their area and then complete the ewaste form to nominate items for collection.

The following minimum information about the items will be required:

  • Make and Model, 

  • Condition (working or not) 

  • If it is on the UOW asset register and provide the asset number

  • Where it is located (building and room number) 

What happens with reusable items?

Wherever possible, unwanted electronic items that are still in good working condition will be reused.    Staff are able to find out what is available for reuse within the University by contacting the Environmental Unit  who will search the ewaste items and put you in contact with who has the items.  Don't forget to update the asset register if items are transferred from one area of the University to another. 

All items available for the reuse must be removed from the UOW Asset Register and if relevant have UOW data removed and/or destroyed.   Please be aware that IMTS desktop support is not available for items that are reused.

What happens with items that can't be reused?

Items that cannot be reused are sent to a specialised waste contractor who will certify that the items have been recycled.   Prior to sending it off to be recycled all items must be removed from the UOW Asset Register and if relevant have UOW data removed and/or destroyed.  All items are also to be labelled with an ewaste label prior to the items being placed out for collection.  To obtain labels, please contact Environment Unit.

A regular collection of these items (at least two per year) is organised by the Environment Unit with significant support and assistance of IMTS and Faculty Staff. 

When are the UOW ewaste collections?

The collections are planned to be held twice per year during recess breaks (see top of page for next scheduled collection date).  Please complete the ewaste form to nominate items for collection a minimum 7 working days prior to the collection date to be included in the current electronic waste collection.

What to do with items of UOW e-waste between the e-waste collections?

Please consult with the staff in your area that manage UOW assets.  They will provide you with advice on where to store those items until the next collection.   If the items can’t be stored until the next collection, please contact the Environment Unit  to discuss alternative options.  Please be aware that your faculty or division may be required to contribute to the costs of disposal in between UOW e-waste collections.    

What about my personal electronic waste?

Personal electronic waste can not be disposed via the UOW e-waste collections.  

Local Councils offer disposal services to residents. For information about the Illawarra local government areas ewaste disposal options have a look at their websites listed below or contact your local Council.

Wollongong City Council 

Wollongong Council household annual collection services  allow for the disposal of electronic waste.  

Shellharbour City Council

Shellharbour residents  with electronic waste should contact Shellharbour City Council  on 42216111 for advice regarding disposal options.

Kiama Municipal Council

Kiama Municipal Council electronic waste

Shoalhaven City Council

Shoalhaven City Council waste services

Where can I learn more? 

To find out more about a National Scheme to manage electronic waste, go to the National Television and Computer Product Stewardship Scheme.
 If you would like more information on Electronic Waste Disposal at UOW, please contact the Environment Unit

Last reviewed: 4 March, 2019