Wetland Planting

Ponds and Wetland Plants

The university campus landscape features many ponds and shallow waterways.  Establishment of wetland plants on pond embankments and in shallow waters has been challenging due to birds eating and pulling out new plants from the ground.  Traditional methods of planting wetland plants (grow tubes) has had varied levels of success due to the level of bird activity in the ponds.   UOW Landscape have successfully trialled a new method of planting which has been consistently successful.  UOW Landscape partnered with Harris Environmental to grow pre planted coir mats for use in the pond system, 140 thick coir mats (1 metre square sized) were pre-planted with a mixture of native plant species and allowed to establish and grow in shallow water filled beds off site on a local farm.  Once established (approx 6 months of growing) these plants were transported to the University ponds for planting.  The process of planting was quick and easy with the mats placed in the ponds and weighted with rocks to stop movement.  Wetland plant establishment has been rapid and there have been no plant losses due to bird activity.  


Last reviewed: 28 April, 2016