Biodiversity Initiatives

Biodiversity Initiatives

Focus on Bush Regeneration

A survey of the native vegetated areas of the Wollongong Campus was completed in 2008. The work involved an assessment of all bushland areas within the Wollongong campus and the results are compiled in the Vegetation Management Plan (VMP). The VMP provides information on:

  • Vegetation community classifications
  • Native & weed species lists
  • Significant or threatened native species
  • Relevant weed control methodologies

Associated Bush Regeneration work commenced in 2009 in accordance with the VMP prepared using Bush regeneration contractors.  Work to date has concentrated on the bushland adjacent to the Sports facilities on the North boundary of the Wollongong Campus, on the central creek area between P3 and P4 carparks and also on the escarpment lot near the Ken Ausburn Track. The work involves primary weed removal, follow up spraying, revegetation and maintenance activities.

Last reviewed: 4 March, 2014