Fauna at UOW

Fauna at Wollongong Campus

Wollongong campus was once cleared farmland with open paddocks and very few trees but now has over 50 000 plants and is habitat to a diverse range of native wildlife.  Over 170 fauna species have been recorded at Wollongong Campus including 120 birds, 17 mammals, 9 fish and crustaceans, and 24 reptiles and amphibians. 


 The photographs of the animals pictured below were taken by Anthony Wardle a UOW Landscape staff member.

Tawny frogmouth and chickTawny Frogmouth and Chick
Southern FrogletSouthern Froglet


A list of fauna species that have been observed or are predicted to occur at Wollongong Campus has been prepared and is available on request.

Dealing with injured wildlife  and other animal related issues

From time to time Wollongong Campus users come across injured wildlife or encounter other animal related issues.  Please do not touch or handle injured wildlife.  Native animals can bite and scratch and can transmit diseases to humans.  Please place your own safety first.  Take note of the exact location of the injured animal and contact UOW Security on 42214555 or the Facilities Management Service Centre, 42213217 (9am-5pm, Mon - Fri only).  Assistance will be provided to contain the animal and to get it to an experienced carer as soon as possible.  For other animal related issues at Wollongong campus refer to the Animal related issues Fact sheet for guidance on who to contact depending on the situation - Animal related issues Factsheet (pdf).  

See also the Living with Magpies website for advice regarding swooping magpies.

Fauna identification resources

See below for a number of documents and web based resources that are available that can assist you in fauna identification.

Frogs of the Illawarra - Frogs of the Illawarra Brochure (pdf)

Online frog field guide - http://frogs.org.au/frogs/ofNSW/Southern_Highlands_and_Illawarra

Birds of the Illawarra brochure is available to download at http://illawarrabirders.org/brochure.html

Birds in backyards  bird finder is a great tool to assist you to identify the birds that you see on campus - http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/finder

Snake identification website-  http://www.whatsnakeisthat.com.au/nsw/illawarra.html

Australian museum website- http://australianmuseum.net.au/animals


Last reviewed: 16 August, 2017