Community investment funding

UOW's Community investment program

UOW's Community Investment Program facilitates community collaborations that build strong communities. UOW and the Community Investment Program seeks to play an active role in advancing and championing social, cultural, environmental and economic developments in our region.

Find out who UOW are collaborating with, visit Community investment collaborations.

How to apply

Community Sponsorship opportunities will be considered and evaluated using a shared value approach. Applications for Community Sponsorship will be reviewed and assessed on a case-by-case basis, against established criteria. The shared value approach may include considerations such as:

  • Community Sponsorship that further, mutually beneficial collaborations which enhance reputation, build goodwill and provide opportunities to advance relationships with the community.
  • Community Sponsorship that demonstrate value for money and clear outcomes including recognition by partners, demonstrated impact of financial investment, and clear performance measures.
  • Whether the Community Sponsorship has regional significance.

These considerations will be reflected in an operational framework which include (but is not limited to):

  • Formalised agreements that outline key deliverables; and
  • Evaluative processes including review of outcomes.

Application criteria

Where Community Sponsorship is requested you must, at a minimum demonstrate:

  1. Consistency with UOW’s values, goals and objectives, as identified within the UOW Strategic Plan
  2. Value and impact including acknowledgement of collaboration, audience coverage and measurable outcomes
  3. Opportunities for education, and/or research, and/or staff and /or student engagement
  4. Capacity for sound financial management
  5. An appropriate plan and outcomes
  6. Capacity of the organisation to deliver the proposed outcomes and
  7. Community support, interest or involvement.


Prior to completing your application:

  • Ensure the request for support addresses all of the above application criteria
  • If you require assistance, please call the Community Team on (02) 4252 8889.


Last reviewed: 16 August, 2018