A University City

A University City

We have a vision of a networked University City. While the master plan relates specifically to the landholdings of the Wollongong Campus, it also considers potential aligned projects and partnerships in surrounding neighbourhoods and in Wollongong more broadly.

The campus forms part of an important network of well connected economies and partnerships across the city. This will contribute greatly to the economic, social, cultural and creative success of Wollongong, and provide a major hub of employment for the region.

The University has opportunities to deliver on state and local policies in conjunction with the Wollongong Campus Master Plan.

The implementation of these strategies will require direction and collaboration from state and local agencies, together with the local community.

We also look to building a strong and enduring campus identity that enhances its significant landscape qualities, while enhancing best practice in sustainability. We envisage better and additional gateways to the campus and while this plan focuses primarily on the Wollongong campus, it also considers the physical and programmatic connections to the Innovation Campus.

This work ensures the main campus continues to be a place where students, staff and other community members can study, work, research, socialise and play sport in a vibrant precinct within a unique bushland setting over the next 20 years and beyond. As the main campus grows, so too will our partnerships, community connections and investments in research and innovation. This will bring further substantial economic and societal benefits for the region. 

Last reviewed: 22 August, 2016