Mandatory Disclosure

Public Interest Test

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (“GIPA Act”) provides that there is a general public interest in favour of the disclosure of government information.

The Public Interest Test involves three steps:

  1. Identifying the relevant public interest considerations for disclosure
    The GIPA Act allows UOW to take into account any public interest factor in favour of disclosure that it thinks is relevant.
  2. Identifying any relevant public interest considerations against disclosure
    The GIPA Act provides a list of public interest consideration against disclosure.  These are the only considerations against disclosure that UOW may consider in applying the public interest test.
  3. Assessing whether the public interest against disclosure outweighs the public interest in favour of disclosure
    A decision must be made by a Right to Information Officer (RIO) after balancing any relevant factors for and against disclosure.
Last reviewed: 5 September, 2016

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