Formal Access

Formal Access Application Process

Receipt of valid access application

When making an access application, there are certain conditions which must be met to ensure the access application is valid. For information on how to make a valid application, click here

Initial decision on the validity of application

Once UOW receives your application, a Right to Information Officer (“RIO”) will decide whether the application is valid and will notify you within 5 working days of receiving the application.

If your application is not valid, you will be notified by the Manager, Information Compliance (MIC) providing the reason it is invalid and any assistance you may need in order to make the application valid.

Searches for information

UOW’s ICO will undertake the reasonable searches necessary to find the information you have requested using the most efficient means available. UOW is not required to undertake any search that would require an unreasonable and substantial diversion of resources.

Consultation on public interest considerations

If you are requesting access to information that:

  • contains personal information about another person; or
  • concerns another person’s business, commercial, professional or financial interests; or
  • concerns research that has been, is being, or is intended to be, carried out by or on behalf of another person; or
  • concerns the affairs of a government of the Commonwealth or another State;

UOW is required to consult with the person involved on whether they have concerns about you accessing the information, before you are granted access to their information. The purpose of consultation is to ascertain whether the person involved has an objection to the disclosure of the information and the reasons why.

UOW must take into account any object to disclosure of the information when applying the public interest test in assessing your application.

Decision on application
The MIC may make one of a number of possible decisions. To see a list of the possible decisions, click here.

UOW must decide an access application and give you notice of its decision within 20 working days after UOW receives the application. If the MIC needs to consult with another person under the GIPA Act or if records need to be retrieved from a records archive, this period may be extended by up to 10 days. The MIC will inform you of any required extension.

In certain circumstances and at different points during the application process, you may be able to request a review of a decision. For further information on the review process, click here.

To see a flow chart of the formal application process, click here.

Last reviewed: 28 November, 2016

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