Trust built through partnerships

We will collaborate with our communities and partners in the creation of economic, social and cultural prosperity.

Our collaborative approach has established us as a partner with industry, policy-makers and the wider community. Together, we have joined forces to create prosperity for our communities through innovative community engagement and research translation concepts. Globally and nationally, we have established academic partnerships to research new solutions for significant global issues. The sustained strength of our engagement and our increasing international networks will establish us as a global university trusted by our communities and partners to create collective prosperity.

Through industry and community collaboration, we have established successful research initiatives with significant contributions in the areas of engineering, education, health, environment, and policy. Building on this strong foundation, we will leverage our global capabilities and growing partnerships to extend our impact.

We will support the economic, social and cultural capital of our communities with research, service learning initiatives, and innovation ecosystems. We will co-design and conduct research to address local needs and deliver viable solutions. Our students will serve their chosen communities through integrated service learning initiatives. Our innovation ecosystem will drive economic growth by fostering support for small and medium enterprises, and our metropolitan campuses will support our communities as they explore new horizons to create and realise positive opportunities for their future. We will pursue the co-creation of meaningful innovation with a diverse range of industry partners. These partnerships will cover the full spectrum of innovation from research to application and will be foundational to our transdisciplinary approach. Our students and researchers will contribute to industry advancement through work placements, work integrated learning, industry-integrated higher degree research, and industry collaboration. A university-wide strategy will define and realise our industry value proposition, creating a purposeful industry integration approach.

Our alumni embody our values and are known for their distinctive grit and resilience. They are our most critical and valued link to industry and the workforce. Through our Alumni-X program, we will provide them with opportunities to maximise their impact, and strengthen their community and industry connections.

These initiatives will translate our trust through partnerships:

Innovation Ecosystems

We will create innovation ecosystems to foster innovation, support small and medium enterprises and drive economic growth in our communities.

Metropolitan Campuses

We will strengthen our metropolitan campus presence, responding to local and regional needs and partnering with industry and community to create a positive future for our people.

Alumni Enrichment

Our alumni will have lifelong access to a range of professional development opportunities. We will deliver a program that provides our alumni with micro-credentials, short courses, secondments, industry connections and partnerships, and service learning.