Capability & capacity

We will strengthen our capability and capacity.

This White Paper sets forth a bold vision requiring an increase in our capability and capacity. We will become the university we set out to be with considered planning, investment and delivery. We will strengthen our people and culture, invest in our infrastructure, adopt new technologies and ensure our sustainability. These are the critical enablers we require to achieve our bold vision.


Our students, academics and professional staff drive our success and create our impact. As we move towards a purposeful future, our people recognise the imperatives for change and lead the way for our transformation. Our workforce management strategies will attract the best talent and continuously develop our people to create the re-imagined workforce of the future. We will value and recognise innovation, entrepreneurship, resilience, and the initiative to develop meaningful partnerships. Our people will possess digital dexterity and confidently embrace technology to drive change. As an agile and responsive community, we will blur the distinctions between students and staff and unify our professional and academic structures. Our staff will actively seek and participate in industry networks and global mobility opportunities.


We will embed a culture of excellence, agility, nimbleness, and responsiveness to the market. Supported by flexible systems and processes we focus our efforts on creating positive change. As we adapt quickly, we will remain grounded in our institutional values, and we will continue to champion inclusion, diversity, and gender equity to create a welcoming environment for everyone. We will continually strengthen and adapt our governance structures to ensure we thrive whilst upholding the strongest principles of integrity, accountability and transparency.


Our globally networked learning and research experience will be enabled by our state-of the-art physical and digital infrastructure. Our physical and virtual presence will create a deep belonging to UOW and demonstrate contemporary practices in environmental sustainability, safety and accessibility. We will embrace automation and artificial intelligence, so our people can effectively engage in meaningful and valuable work. We will be at the forefront of advanced technologies, embedding them into our research and learning.


We will strengthen our financial viability with best practice financial governance and diversified revenue streams. We will continue to embed effective planning and reporting practices, ensuring transparency and optimal allocation of resources. Our funding and financial models will evolve to match the rapid changes in our research and education. We will focus our investments and redirect resources from under-performing to promising programs. We will grow and diversify our research revenue by creating global funding partnerships and joint research commercialisation.