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Source materials for CSCI213: Java Programming and the Internet

Source materials for CSCI316: Network Programming

Source materials for CSCI39: Server Technology

Teaching materials on Object Oriented Programming and C++

Those interested in object oriented programming and C++ can check out two "on-line" text books.

The first of these "on-line" books relates to the text "Programming with Class: A Practical Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with C++", published by John Wiley in 1994. This text is intended for advanced undergraduate students with some programming experience using C. It introduces C++, object oriented styles, and the use of framework class libraries.

The second "on-line" book is a draft text covering standard CS1, CS2 first year undergraduate courses.

Tutorial information on the use of the Symantec Think Class Library is also available.

There is also a paper presenting an idea of how to teach object oriented programming.

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