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I'm currently a PhD student in the School of Information Systems at Wollongong University working on change management issues arising from the introduction of electronic nursing documentation in aged care facilities.  My supervisors are  Dr Ping Yu and Dr Karin Garrety.  Prior to undertaking this fairly major project in industrial sociology, I worked in the school of Management and Marketing for around 5 years .  Here I worked on research in government/academic/industry innovation systems, knowledge management and social marketing.  Before that I kdwas a research neuropsychologist in Sydney, and before the Scottish weather got to me too much, Glasgow.  I've also dabbled in molecular biology and conservation biology. 

I've taught statistics, computing, psychology and biology at undergraduate level, and individual tuition for statistics at postgraduate level (Masters and PhD) for students of psychology, social marketing and medicine.

I am a competent computer nerd  - I program in Perl (best language ever!), R (statistical computing) and Javascript (when I have to).  I'll use other languages too, if necessary, but usually Perl does everything I need (I even use it to write programs in other languages occasionally).

My quantitative research skills are very strong, and I have substantial expertise in psychometric theory and assessment.  The point of my doing a PhD using mainly qualitative research methods (from my point of view rather than the project's) is to get me as comfortable using and applying qualitative methods as I currently using statistical techniques.  This will make me a fully well-rounded researcher.

Oh yes, last thing.  I wrote the software for this site (on behalf of the People and Organisations Research Centre in the Faculty of Commerce at Wollongong), to take maximum advantage of the kind of web publishing technology provided for individuals in university environments.  This is generally very  reliable, but also extremely limited.  The source code for the software that publishes this site is here.


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