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Dr Barry J. Cox

BMath - PhD (Applied Maths)

Australian Research Council - Australian Postdoctoral Fellow
Visiting Senior Fellow

Nanomechanics Group
School of Mathematics & Applied Statistics
University of Wollongong
Northfields Ave

NSW 2522

Research Interests

  • Nanoscaled oscillating systems; gigahertz oscillators
  • Geometries and geometric issues of nanostructures
  • Modelling the Winslow effect in electrorheological fluids
  • Modelling nanoscale devices using continuum mechanics
  • Predicting properties of nanomaterials using analytical techniques
  • Ordinary and partial differential equations
  • Elliptic and other special functions

Please note

In July 2010 I took up a Senior Lecturer position at the University of Adelaide but maintain my link at the University of Wollongong as a Visiting Senior Fellow.

For my up-to-date list of interests and publications, please visit my current home page.

Last updated 05-May-2011