Welcome to my Ancients web site, dedicated to Bill Banks' excellent game on ancient tactical warfare. I certainly hope that its content helps you to increase your enjoyment of one of my favorite games. I've been playing Ancients since its first edition, and was hooked after my first scenario.

Since getting into it, I've been both thrilled and disappointed with what I've found. Its most recent copyright holders — One Small Step — decided to distribute the game as freeware, and have requested input from those with a keen interest in the game. I've decided to clean up those annoying deficiencies and develop the game in a form that I've felt it deserved.

Within the pages of this site, you'll not only find clarifications and errata to the most recent 'official' version (that published by World Wide Wargames, aka 3W), but a fully downloadable version of the game as well. All you'll need to do is print up the maps and print and mount the pieces.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the web master. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Ancients support site! Welcome to the Ancients support site!

Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar

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27 December 2006

Steven Guy has updated one and added three more scenarios!


18 November 2006

Steven Guy has added three more scenarios!


12 January 2006

New contributor Stephen Kling has added six more scenarios, including a treatment of Alesia!


9 October 2005

Steven Guy has added six more scenarios!


1 January 2005

Steven Guy has added three more scenarios!


15 November 2004

New contributor Aleksandar Pesic has added five more scenarios. Keep 'em coming!


5 July 2004

Steven Guy has added five more scenarios!


21 March 2004

Steven Guy has added five more scenarios!


30 January 2004

Steven Guy has added thirteen more scenarios, including the first naval scenario submitted by an Ancients fan! The Benevento scenario has also been corrected (leader references were missing).


20 December 2003

With his blood up, Steven Guy has added six more scenarios!


9 December 2003

Steven Guy has added a new scenario for Lake Peipus. Best played with the sountrack to Alexander Nevsky cranked waaaaay up!


28 February 2003

Added a couple of new variants from Luca Revello in Italy. You can find them on the variants page.


28 November 2002

Added a new set of variants for Ancients. Designed by John P. Kelly, these rules up the realism of game without sacrificing its playability. You can find them on the variants page.


17 July 2002

The Cyberboard set on the Play Aids page has been replaced with a new version by George Manousakis. The new set includes all 64 scenarios from the black box edition of Ancients.


1 July 2002

Presenting the newly designed Ancients site! Since first designing the site several years ago, I've learned a thing or two more about web design, and felt it to be about time to apply that knowledge. I think you'll find this new design to be considerably easier to navigate and its content more user-friendly. All of the content from the old design remains intact, and several new items have been added, including:

  • 21(!) New Scenarios - link
  • Bill Banks' Scenario Setup Graphics - link

If you have any new content (or suggestions for such) that you'd like to see posted, let me know. And as always ... keep those dice rollling!

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Updated on 27 December 2006
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