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18 DEC 2009 : BILL WHEELER SCHOLARSHIP - In 2010, the Bill Wheeler Scholarship is awarded to support research on any aspect of Nanobionics.               Read More...

Fare Go For Interntional Students                              READ MORE.....
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Rhizome Magazine

Rhizome Magazine is a free online magazine for and about postgraduate students at the University of Wollongong. It seeks to publish work by UOW students in an engaging online format. Covering broad areas, we hope to include general interest articles, academic research, creative writing and artistic contributions in each issue.
The magazines will be published to coincide with each semester at university and will act as a guide and general interest reading material for current and continuing postgraduates.

The name ‘Rhizome’ follows in the tradition of the original WUPA print magazine, which was named after the horizontal plant stem ‘Rhizome’. A Rhizome features both roots and shoots, and spreads across broad areas. This natural phenomenon is an analogy for the non-hierarchical structure that Rhizome hopes to promote within the UOW post grad community. It also represents the cross-disciplinary interests and broad audiences the magazine will cover.

Submissions for Rhizome are always welcome, with a database of articles being developed throughout semesters, there will be however general cut off dates to allow for editing to occur for each issue. If you would like to see your work in a specific issue please contact WUPA to find out more details about these dates.

An added incentive for submissions to Rhizome comes in the form of the $500 prize issued to the author of one of the articles in each edition. The articles will be judged on various elements by the WUPA committee and the winner of the prize will be contacted by the Rhizome editor after publication, and will be highlighted in the following semester’s edition.

Rhizome magazine will be free to access and aims to promote the research of every faculty at UOW. It encourages the development of a closer postgraduate community, and the WUPA committee hopes postgraduates will be excited by this unique publication opportunity.

If you have any questions or would like to help out and/or submit material to Rhizome, please contact the Rhizome Editor, Sarah-Jane Burton – or contact WUPA office for the same.

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