Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience 

AIME Indigenous Corporation provides a six-year Mentoring Program for Indigenous Australian students to access while undertaking their high school studies from Year 7 through to Year 12. AIME partners university student volunteers in a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a high school Indigenous student, for an hour a week over the course of a 17-week program. AIME's goals are to improve Year 10 completion rates, Year 12 completion rates and university admission rates for all participating students.

Apart from the impact AIME is having on Indigenous high school students, it offers a significant opportunity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous university students to gain invaluable experience working with Indigenous high school students, and offers a great base for university marketing and recruitment with AIME facilitating the development of long-term partnerships between local high schools and the university.

UOW and Woolyungah Indigenous Centre have held a partnership with AIME since 2008.

We encourage all students of UOW, to give back to our community by participating in AIME. 

For more information visit the AIME Website or contact:

Nadia Neal
UOW Program Manager

Last reviewed: 20 May, 2013