Travelling From Your Suburb

Travelling to Wollongong Campus from the Wollongong area

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  • Best to walk, cycle or catch one of the free shuttle services. 
  • Try the trip planner for options
Wollongong Suburbs
From Your Suburb - Walking IconWalking: Great for you and the environment. Much of this area is within easy walking distance of the Campus or a shuttle stop. With our mild climate it’s a great way to take a little exercise and stay fit while you commute.
From Your Suburb - Cycling IconCycling: This area is within easy riding distance of the Campus. With our mild climate it’s a great way to take a little exercise on your commute. Plenty of parking for bikes and access to all Campus paths makes it a great way to get around. Yes there are a few hills to the west, but have you considered an electric assisted pushbike?
From Your Suburb - Bus Icon

Bus Services: 

  • Route 41 from Dapto via the Princes Highway through Figtree and directly to UOW via Robsons Rd.

Map   Timetable

  • Route 11 from Wollongong, Mangerton, Mt. St Thomas, West Wollongong, Figtree, Mt. Keira
  • Route 39 from Figtree Mt Keira and West Wollongong, connecting via the Gong Shuttle at Wollongong Hospital
  • Route 24 from Figtree, Mt St Thomas and Mangerton, connecting via Gong Shuttle at Crown St near Wollongong Station.

Map   Timetable

  • Princes Highway corridor - Routes 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 39, 57 from Figtree and West Wollongong connecting via Gong Shuttle at Wollongong Hospital

Map   Timetables
Bus Prices: zones 1-2(up to 2.4km), 3-5(to 6km). See Fares

From Your Suburb - Shuttle IconFree Shuttle Services:
  • Gong Shuttle : Route 55c (clockwise) & 55a (anticlockwise) from Wollongong CBD, Station, Hospital, Weerona, Gwynneville, North Wollongong, Fairy Meadow, Campus East, Innovation Campus.
  • North Gong Shuttle: Route 9 from North Wollongong, International House, Gwynneville
  • Gwynneville Keiraville (GK) Shuttle  from Gwynneville, Keiraville, West Wollongong, Wollongong

Map & Timetables

From Your Suburb - Train IconTrain Service: Via South Coast line
from Coniston Station
Price: See CityRail Fare Calculator
UOW station is North Wollongong
From there catch the free North Gong Shuttle (route 9 or 9N) to campus
From Your Suburb - Driving IconDriving: Not recommended due to limited parking at UOW and the good bus option from this area. If not living within walking distance of bus stops, then driving to these would be a good option, or car pooling to save your costs, cut your carbon foot-print and reduce your parking hassles.

Last reviewed: 7 August, 2017