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Temporary changes to South Western P3 Carpark

June 2016 – February 2017

From 24 June, there will be changes to the South Western P3 Carpark to allow for construction work for a new multistorey car park. 

Limited parking will be available in P3 for UOW Entry Permit holders, and as a result a new temporary car park has been established for you at the TAFE Wollongong Campus. 

Pay and Display ticket parking will remain available in P3, but has been relocated within the carpark to allow for the construction site.  There is no net loss in parking. 

Please follow signs and instructions from the parking attendants to ensure you have parked in the designated bay, and have displayed your permit or ticket.  Penalty notices can be issued.

Entry Permit parking

A new temporary carpark has been established within the TAFE Wollongong Campus and is accessible by car via University Ave and Foleys Lane.  This car park is restricted for use by UOW Permit holders only.  Please follow the signs to the UOW Parking Attendant at the TAFE who will ensure you are a valid entry permit holder and you are parking in the correct carpark assigned to the University.  Do not park outside of the carpark designated as the UOW temporary carpark.  There is no need to stop at the TAFE gatehouse when staffed, provided your UOW Entry Permit is clearly displayed on your windscreen.

Pedestrian access to and from this TAFE Carpark is via the overpass over the M1 Princes Motorway.  Use Safe Zone or contact UOW Security (02 4221 4555) to request a safety escort if you are walking back to your car late at night. 

Note that the TAFE carpark is not available for overnight parking and will be locked. 

Parking for UOW Entry Permit holders remains the same in P2, P5, P7, and P8 on campus. 

Pay and display ticket parking

Pay and Display ticket parking remains the same in P1, P4 and P8 and also in P2, P5 and P7 after 4pm. 

Carpool parking

Free parking is available in the carpooling area of P4 for cars bringing three or more people to campus.  See the parking attendant for entry.

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Last reviewed: 14 February, 2017