Getting to UOW

At UOW we're focused on making your commute to campus easy, safe and environmentally friendly. 

Here you will find information about the free UOW shuttle buses, the NSW Government free Gong Shuttle, cycling and walking, carpooling and parking, paid bus services and the train.  It's easier than you think to travel sustainably to campus! 

Latest News

UOW Transport Survey

UOW are carrying out Transport surveys in April 2017 to understand how you access the campus.  These are performed biennially and are used to help us to improve transport facilities for students, staff and visitors. The information gained through past surveys has assisted us to develop a Transport Strategy and has resulted in the implementation of a number of transport improvements.  The Transport surveys involve a head count survey and also a questionnaire survey.  

The head count survey will be conducted from Monday 3rd April until Friday 7th April 2017. The information gained by undertaking this survey is used for assessment and analysis of transport options and services and no personal information is collected as part of undertaking this head count.  The Transport questionnaire survey  for 2017 opened on Tuesday 4th April at 3 pm and closed at 5 pm on Friday 14th April 2017.   

Start of session Shuttle buses

The North Gong (NG) and Gwynneville Keiraville (GK) Shuttles are currently operating to the full timetable on weekdays.  Download the UOW Shuttle app for timetables and tracking of the buses.  The NSW Government Gong Shuttle runs on weekdays, weekends and public holidays.  All free shuttle buses in Wollongong stop at the bus interchange on Northfields Ave.  

Need help working out your transport options for uni?

Find everything you need on the travelling from your suburb pages.  There are a range of free shuttle buses to the Wollongong Campus, other local buses, bike racks and secure bike lock up and end of trip facilities, and carpooling for three people in a car.      

Update your UOW Shuttle app

A new version of the UOW Shuttle app has been released for the start of session!  The app now allows you to save your favourite trips, track the UOW buses (not the Government Gong Shuttle) and navigation is a whole lot easier!  If you already have the app on an Android device, you will need to download the new app from the Play Store.  

Temporary changes to P3 Carpark

From 24 June 2016, there will be changes to the South Western P3 Carpark to allow for construction work for a new multistorey car park. Find out more at News and Events