Bike Safety

UOW Transport - Cycling Safety Image

Around 600 cyclists a day make the most of the University's superb cycling environment – safely.

Cyclists may share all paths on UOW's campuses with pedestrians, so courteous cycling is as important as safe cycling. To ensure the safety of everyone on campus, please:

Ride safely

  • Wear an approved helmet that has been correctly fitted
  • Observe road rules
  • Be cautious when moving between paths and roads
  • Give way to pedestrians
  • Slow down near pedestrians
  • Use your bell if approaching pedestrians who don’t see you
  • Do not ride at excessive speed
  • Do not ride through building entrances, arcades or within buildings
  • Use white headlight and rear red light after dark, and wear bright clothing or a safety vest

Transport for NSW provides more tips on road safety.

Ensure your bike is roadworthy

  • Check tyre treads and pressure
  • Check brakes and gearing
  • If you use your bike at night, check the operation of your head and tail lights, and ensure the batteries are well charged
Last reviewed: 18 December, 2013