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International Studies Minor

Have you considered adding an international perspective to your UOW Bachelor degree? 

There are two ways in which students can receive an International Studies Minor:

  1. Undertaking 24 credit points of subjects while undertaking an overseas Study Exchange Program
  2. Undertaking 24 credit points of subjects from the International Studies Minor Approved Subjects List

1. International Exchange Program

This program allows you to study one or two semesters at an overseas exchange partner in North America, Europe, Asia or Latin America. Most institutions offer programs in English but language and cultural studies options are also available. Students can also apply for international exchange scholarships and travel grants. Internship options are also available in some countries. To recognise the knowledge and skills acquired by studying overseas, all students who successfully complete the International Student Exchange Program, and meet the following criteria can apply to have an International Studies (IS) Minor added to their UOW degree. 

To be eligible for an International Studies Minor, International Exchange Program participants must:

  • Pass all subjects taken at their host university AND
  • Have 24 credit points of Advanced Standing processed upon returning to UOW OR  

2. International Studies Minor Subjects

Students may also receive an International Studies Minor if they complete a total of 24 credit points between Advanced Standing from the International Exchange Program and subjects from the ISM Approved Subjects list. Completion of this approved study will be noted on your academic transcript when you graduate. There are three international studies minors available:

1. Language Minor

Successful completion of 24-28 credit points of approved language subjects from the Language Centre. The Language Centre offers subjects across six Asian and European languages. Any student from any faculty can undertake a language minor if it fits with their degree. Contact the Language Centre on 4221 5328 or email

2. International Business Minor

At least 24 credits of approved international business subjects from the Faculty of Business. Any student from any faculty can undertake an International Business minor if it fits with their degree. Generally students will use their electives to achieve an IB Minor. Contact the Faculty of Business Head of Students.

3. International Studies Minor

Successful completion of 24 credit points of approved International Studies Minor subjects from across the University. Any student from any faculty can undertake an International Studies minor if it fits with their degree.

For further details go to the International Exchange website at or visit the Study Abroad office in Building 17 (Student Central).

Who can I talk to about International Studies Minor?

Contact Details

You can raise questions with your Sub-Dean.

For students completing the International Exchange Program, please contact the Study Abroad & Exchange Office 

University of Wollongong
Student Central, Bld. 17, Northfields Avenue
Wollongong 2522
NSW Australia

Ph: +612 4221 5404
Fax: +61 2 4221 3499


Last reviewed: 4 July, 2014
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