Timetables, Classes, & Tutorials

Timetables, Classes, & Tutorials

So, you've selected and enrolled in your subjects. Now you need to choose tutorials, classes and/or practical sessions to attend.

Some subjects have multiple classes and tutorial times to choose from, some have only one, and enrolments will open at different times for different subjects.

Draft Timetables

You can plan your preferred timetable in advance by having a look at the draft timetables released before the start of each session. Remember that these may change, so should be used as a guide only.

When will TIMETABLE enrolments open?

Enrolments will open at different times for different subjects. To find out when enrolments will open for your subjects, log into SOLS and select 'Tutorial Enrolment' from the left hand menu:

Tutorial Enrolment

If the information is not appearing here, opening times may also be published in advance - click your school/faculty link below:


Business Faculty Tutorial Opening Times


EIS Tutorial Opening Times

Law, Arts & Humanities

Contact your Faculty's tutorial contact for more information

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Earth & Environmental
  • Medicine
  • Nursing & Midwifery
Social Sciences

Social Sciences Tutorial Opening Times 

 This information it normally updated a few weeks before session starts. If you still have questions, contact your Faculty's tutorial contact for more information.


On the opening date and time, log into SOLS and select 'Tutorial Enrolment' from the left hand menu, and follow the prompts. If you are having difficulty, click here for information on how to use the tutorial system.

Full classes, timetable clashes, class swaps

If your preferred class or tutorial is full, you will normally need to choose another option. However, if you have special circumstances, such as a timetable clash or all the options are full, you can contact your Faculty's tutorial contact for more information.

Last reviewed: 18 February, 2014