Project Vision & Objectives

Project Vision and Objectives

The University of Wollongong believes that decision-making based on sound planning, governance and quality processes to be a key determinant in ensuring the University can achieve its vision.

The Performance Indicator Team’s role is to directly support this process in a number of ways:

  • Supporting the initiatives of our Planning and Quality, Planning Services and Quality Assurance teams
  • Developing reporting and analytics in key strategic priority areas which support the Universities strategic goals and objectives
  • Educating staff on how to use, understand and interpret the data available to assist their decision making
  • Undertake a data quality program to over time improve data capture, processing and updates to improve the quality and quantity of the data on which decisions are based

Within this content the Performance Indicators Unit vision is as follows:

To improve University performance through enhancing business decision-making by offering a seamless and secure architecture that provides business users with access to accurate, meaningful and shared data in a timely manner.

The Performance Indicators Unit objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide users with further insight into the underlying causes of performance by providing drill thru capabilities from a University wide perspective to individual faculties and departments
  2. To align business units with key business divers by incorporating information from DEST analysis, other benchmarking data as a basis for comparing performance measures
  3. To improve University governance, by creating a simple and easy to understand dashboard that members of the University Council’s can use to oversee University performance
  4. To improve the University’s response to threats and opportunities by providing timely and self service reporting.

For more information on the University’s Strategic Plan and Planning Process please click here.

Last reviewed: 14 May, 2012