Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Communication of Performance

  • Communicate performance across all levels of the University.
  • Easily focus on key indicators and communicate this information confidently.

Instantly Focus on Issues

  • Business decisions are analysed at the appropriate level of detail.
  • Scorecards allow you to focus on key indicators and drill down for further analysis.
  • Guides you to a specific point in a report or analysis.
  • Make decisions in a quick and timely manner.

Self Service Reporting

  • These reports can be created easily and confidently by all staff members.
  • No need for external resources.
  • Gather the information the way YOU want to see it.

Single Platform for Decision Making

  • Users are able to monitor and measure their performance all within one single system.
  • Cross referencing data sources in one system.
  • Gain alignment with a single, reliable version of the truth.
Last reviewed: 15 March, 2013