Competency Centre Governance

Competency Centre Governance

Several aspects of our structure, sponsorship and team structure have proved to be critical to the success of our competency centre.

  1.  Establishment of executive lead project consultative committees to drive a consultative decision making culture in reference to business rules and project scope
  2.  The projects reports directly to the University Executive
  3.  Executive Sponsors are allocated to each project and priority to help guide the team’s strategic focus and to assist in project choice and prioritisation
  4.  A well communicated business plan and objectives are developed each year based on the University’s current strategic priorities
  5. The team maintains flexibility to allocate resources to new priorities based on a frequently changing operating and competitive environment

Choosing Priorities:

Over time the University has undertaken a range of different approaches to setting business intelligence priorities. Now it is largely a consultative, executive led task and decisions are made in the context of:

  1. What will be strategically important to the organisation 2 years from now? In other words you need to start capturing and reporting on quality data now if you will need it critically in two years time.
  2. What is the executive focus?
  3. What do the staff want to be able to manage? This needs to be constantly assessed to ensure reporting deliverables are not resulting in the incorrect focus of staff, energy time and effort.

Team Roles:

There are two main roles within our team:

  1. Technical Analyst: Manage, Design and Develop the Business Intelligence and  Data Warehouse technical environment
  2. Business Analyst: Work with customers to prepare specifications proposals for new functionality and oversee the development, testing and implementation of new functions. Educate and support users in how to use Business intelligence to support decision making.

The team is split into three working groups which consist on a Business Analyst and a Technical Analyst. Two of the team undertake major project development whilst the remaining team supports our ever expanding user base and data warehouse for ongoing improvements and project enhancements. These teams rotate throughout the year to ensure the team remains cross skilled and our users receive a high level of support.

For more information on our team structure or governance please contact us.

Last reviewed: 14 May, 2012