Profiling our Researchers

Profiling Our Researchers

Faculty of engineering and information sciences

Professor Aidan Sims
Researcher of the year
Numbers stack up: Researcher of the Year

A/Professor James McCoy
R&I Newsletter Maths
Maths on high order

Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts

Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

A/Professor Michael Kelso
Kelso pic
Targeting 'superbugs' in Cystic Fibrosis

Professor Linda Tapsell
Tapsell pic
Food science contribution rewarded

Faculty of Social sciences

Professor Iram Siraj
Learning for life
Learning for life

 Professor Sue Bennett
Bennett pic
Closing the digital literacy gap in kids 

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Last reviewed: 15 January, 2016
Graduate Research School

Graduate Research School

Innovation & Commercial Research

Innovation Campus ICR