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International research partnerships

The University of Wollongong’s international activities range from operating the University of Wollongong in Dubai to training fisheries officers from nations across the Asia-Pacific to fostering Study Abroad and student exchanges with universities around the world.


UOW's extensive global connections also include membership of the University Global Partnership Network (UGPN), which is focused on creating a foundation for international collaboration enabling academics and students from some of the world's top universities to work together on issues of global importance. The Universidade de Sao Paulo, North Carolina State University and the University of Surrey are the founding members of the UGPN.

Other International Partners

More of the University of Wollongong's international partnerships are showcased in CONNECT: INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS, profiling high level research, education and training and student exchanges abroad.


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India and the University of Wollongong

UOW is developing strong partnerships with the Indian Government, industry, higher education and research organisations. This brochure Connected: India and the University of Wollongong was for Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Wellings' visit to India in September 2014 with a high-level Australian Government and business delegation led by the Australian Prime Minister.

Research Partnerships in focus:

Dumpster Diving across Disciplines

A creative writer and dietition discuss edible food in the bin (dumpsters) and explore 'freegansim' culture as well issues around food wastage and hygiene.
Read More

International team discover new drug in battle against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Researchers from Australia and the UK have released the structural information of a protein which plays a crucial role cell division in pathogenic bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus or 'golden staph'. Read more.

PetaJakarta is a big data project mapping instances of flooding in Jakarta to advance capacity to understand and promote the resilience of cities to both extreme weather events as a result of climate change, and to long-term infrastructure transformation as a process of climate adaptation. This landmark research is a world-first collaboration, led by the SMART Infrastructure Facility in partnership with BPBD DKI and Twitter, Inc. Read more.

ARC Research Hub for Australian Steel Manufacturing

UOW researchers, in a long-standing collaboration with hub partner BlueScope Steel, are drawing on expertise in microbiology, surface engineering, and molecular dynamics to make paints and coatings for steel sheeting that prevent bacterial growth. Supporting partners include Arrium, Bisalloy Steels, Cox Architecture, Australian Steel Institute, Lysaght, University of Queensland, University of NSW, University of Newcastle, Swinburne University of Technology and RMIT. Read more

Alzheimer's Australia

The ‘Dementia-Friendly Communities and Organisations’ initiative will see UOW researchers team with Alzheimer's Australia. This project looks to provide communities and organisations with practical information and strategies to ensure that any age-friendly strategies are also dementia friendly. Read more.

European - Australian connection advancing Electromaterials Science

Links between UOW-headquartered ACES and its international partners have been a vital driver in research excellence in graphene, medical bionics, artificial muscles and next generation solar cells. European partners include Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, France and Finland. Read more.

Last reviewed: 29 April, 2016
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