Big Ideas 2017

UOW Big Ideas Festival speakers - 2017

 Nadia Solowij

Professor Nadia Solowij | Faculty of Social Sciences

"Slender in the Grass: A scientist caught in the maelstrom"

 Nick Zwar

Professor Nick Zwar | Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

"Playing hide and seek – why does it matter in health care?"

 Pauline McGuirk

Professor Pauline McGuirk | Faculty of Social Sciences

"How smart are smart cities?"

 Jun Chen

Professor Jun Chen | Australian Institute for Innovative Materials

"Wearable Technology: Turning body heat into electricity"

 Ross Bradstock

Senior Professor Ross Bradstock | Faculty of Science Medicine and Health

"The future of bushfires: Are we ready for the Big Burn?"

 Fiona Probyn Rapsey

Professor Fiona Probyn-Rapsey  |  Faculty of Law Humanity and Arts

"Extinct and Eradicated: Animal States of Australia"


Professor Tim Flannery, environmentalist

Sunlight and seaweed: A way to transform our future?
Humans need multi-potent solutions in their battle for a more sustainable future, and among the most important are the concentrated power of sunlight, and seaweed. 

 Zenobia Jacobs

Professor Zenobia Jacobs | Faculty of Science Medicine and Health

"Lighting up the ancient human past"

 Barbara Meyer

Professor Barbara Meyer | Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

"The fishy business of pregnancy"

 Maarten de Laat

Professor Maarten de Laat | Learning Teaching and Curriculum

"Using Social analytics to change learning landscapes"

 Valerie Linton

Professor Valerie Linton | Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

"IF...? The future of intelligent fabrication"

 Paul Cooper

Senior Professor Paul Cooper | Sustainable Buildings Research Centre

"Living Buildings: Towards a Restorative Future"


Last reviewed: 17 October, 2017